Monday, 19 September 2022

Why is Hajj so expensive?

 Hajj is one of the most sacred practices of Islam. Hajj is also from the pillars of Islam.  Every year Muslims head towards Makkah for the accomplishment of Hajj. This is the right way for the expiration of the previous sins. Hajj pilgrimage also possesses enormous rewards. We can’t perform this holy act anytime like Umrah. Hajj pilgrimage has a specific time. Hajj obligation is undertaken by Muslims from 8th to 12th Dhill hajj. To have this holy journey in your budget book cheap Umrah packages 2023 from Manchesters.

Although Hajj pilgrimage is not mandatory for everyone. As everybody cannot afford its expenses. Another reason is that it is getting more expensive day by day. You must be financially fit to accomplish this Holy act. The Hajj pilgrimage is mandatory for financially and physically capable Muslims once in a lifetime.

Hajj pilgrimage also represents unity among Muslims around the world. In this fascinating post, we will discuss “why Hajj is getting so expensive?” There are various reasons related to why Hajj is getting expensive. These reasons and causes are described below.

Number of Applicants:

The grave reason behind this is the increased number of applications. The number of pilgrims applying for Hajj visas is increased to an uncountable number. As this holy pilgrimage cannot be undertaken at any time. So a lot of Hajj applications are received by the Saudi Hajj ministry.

The number of applicants increases as the population of Muslims around the world increases as well. You will be amazed that all these applications are not selected. Pilgrims are often rejected for this holy journey each year. The applicants who were not selected this year re-apply in the next year. In this way, the number of pilgrims increases again. This makes a massive burden on the Saudi Hajj ministry.

International Currency Devaluation:

Some countries possess a poor economy. These countries face fluctuations in economic conditions. So these fluctuations became a cause of the rising prices of hajj visas. Devaluation of currency also plays a key role in raising the prices of the Hajj journey. This is also another main factor that causing to get expensive the hajj. The price of the package also depends on your country’s economical conditions.

Some companies making it expensive:

Not only the number of pilgrims is increasing. The number of companies offering this holy journey is also increasing. Some companies in the market are in the lust of making money. So these companies increase the prices than the regular to make money. They make a profit by providing unique facilities in their packages. But when the pilgrims perform Hajj they get only basic facilities. These fraud companies make the Hajj packages expensive. 

The above-listed factors play a key role in raising the prices of Hajj visas. At the right time, the Hajj is expensive. But we recommend, you book cheap packages as per your need from our company. This is the desire of each pilgrim to have the best at an affordable rate. We will provide everything you need at a reasonable price. I think we have clarified our answer. These were the reasons that were making Hajj expensive.

Who is eligible to perform Hajj?

 Here is an article on Who is eligible to perform Hajj offered by our travel organization with the best and Cheap Hajj Packages. The basic goal of Hajj and Umrah is to worship Allah in the areas where he has directed us to do so. According to Allah's Messenger PBUH, The Hajj is a religious obligation. For mentioning Allah, pebble tossing and Sai speaking (i.e., traveling between As-Safa and Al-Marwa) are made. Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi Muslim scholars unanimously believe that Hajj (Pilgrimage) is a required act of devotion and one of Islam's pillars. 

It is obligatory for all Muslims to conduct Haj) at least once in their lives if they can afford it. And it is a yearly obligation that all Muslims must fulfill. Any Hajj other than the mandatory one, on the other hand, is considered a voluntary act of devotion. Many scholars see Umrah as a religious obligation since when the Prophet PBUH was asked if women were required to join in jihad, he said no. Yes, they are required to do Hajj and Umrah, which are non-combative jihads. As a result, if Umrah is seen as a religious obligation for women, it is even more so for men. 

My father is an old man who can neither undertake Hajj nor Umrah nor even travel,' a man reportedly told the Prophet PBUH. As a result, the Prophet addressed him. On behalf of your father, perform Hajj and Umrah. According to the above, a Muslim must undertake Hajj and 'Umrah at least once in his or her lifetime through December Umrah packages. Holy Prophet PBUH said. Perform Hajj just once, and anyone who performs it more than once does, it is voluntarily. 

Who Is Obliged to Perform It?

A Muslim, male or female, must do the mandatory Hajj as soon as they are able, and anybody who ignores so without a valid reason is considered wicked, according to the Prophet PBUH. Make haste to (complete the Hajj requirement), for none of you knows what affliction may befall him. To conduct Hajj, five things must be met: you must be a Muslim, you must be sane, you must have reached puberty, you must be free (not a slave), and you must be able to perform it. Those who satisfy these requirements must do Hajj as soon as possible.

Is it Possible for a Boy to Perform Hajj?

According to the Hadith reported by Ibn Abbas, doing Hajj and Umrah for a little kid is considered a supererogatory act of devotion. Would this (kid) be recognized for doing Hajj? A mother asked as she held up a youngster to show him to the Prophet. Yes, and you will be rewarded, he PBUH said. Scholars unanimously believe that if a boy undertakes Hajj before reaching puberty, he must perform it again when he is an adult and has the power to do so. When a person does Hajj as a kid, he or she is not exempt from performing the required Hajj when they reach puberty, and the same is true for Umrah.

A guardian can enter ihram (a state of ritual consecration during Hajj or 'Umrah) and announce the intention to perform Hajj on behalf of a kid under the age of discretion. While carrying the kid, the guardian should prevent the youngster from engaging in any prohibited activities during Hajj and conduct tawaf and Sai (traveling between As-Safa and Al-Marwa) on his behalf. The guardian is also expected to accompany the infant to Mount Arafa, Muzdalifa, and Mina, where the stones would be thrown on his behalf.

Who built the Kaaba?

 Kaaba is a cube-shaped holy building located in Haram. Kaaba is the oldest and holy building in Islamic history. Islamic is another name of Kaaba. Kaaba possesses great importance in Islam. Kaaba represents the oneness of Allah and his glory. This is the desire of each Muslim to visit this holy site. Meet your curiosity about Kaaba by booking cheap Ramadan Umrah packages 2023 from us.

The visiting of holy sites strengthens the belief of adherents. It is also believed that Allah lives in this holy building. The clothing which is used to cover Kaaba is known as Kiswa. The outer covering kiswa is changed annually. 

Every day Muslims offer their five-time pray facing Kaaba. If the Muslims didn’t do so then their prayers are invalid. Each year millions of Muslims perform Hajj and Umrah. They perform Tawaf of Kaaba and the question of who built the Kaaba raises in their minds. The Muslims are looking for an answer to this question. We'll attempt to answer this question in this intriguing blog.

Who constructed the Holy Kaaba:

The construction of this hoy building dates us back to the times of Adam AS. When Hazrat Adam was expelled from heaven. Hazrat Adam was ordered to tackle a great journey to the dusty land. The skies directed Hazrat Adam to travel far until He reach to Hijaz deserts. And the first-ever building in the history of mankind was constructed. This constructed building by Hazrat Adam was known as Bakkah. This place changed his name to Makkah over time.

Some scholars say that this holy structure was built by angles. While some say that the father of Humankind Adam built this holy building. It is also considered that the Kaaba was built by angels or Adam AS. It is believed that their construction turned into mist over time. These are just rumors and it is also not mentioned in the Quran that Angles or Adam built the Kaaba. In Quran chapter 2 and verse 127, it is clearly mentioned there. Ibrahim AS and his son Ismael raised the foundation of Kaaba. 

All the scholars and religious philosophers agreed on this point. They all agree that the Kaaba is built by Hazrat Ibrahim and his son Ismael. The Kaaba is the only building towards which the whole Muslim Ummah heads their face and offers prayers. If they didn’t do so then their prayers will be invalid. There is also a stone adorned in the eastern corner of the Kaaba. This stone is known as the black stone. It is believed that this holy stone was given to the Ibrahim AS. When Hazrat Ibrahim and his only son were constructing the Kaaba. They were looking for a stone to finish the construction. At this instant, Hazrat Jibrael conveys the Hajar-ul-Aswad from the Jannah to Hazrat Ibrahim. Earlier this stone was white. Its ability to extract the sins of the humans turned it into black. Pilgrims performing Hajj and Umrah kiss this holy stone, if they can do.

I believe all of your preconceptions concerning "Who constructed the sacred Kaaba" have been corrected.”